Support the Family Resource Center Building Expansion Project!

The building expansion will provide much-needed capacity for safety and client confidentiality, offices, restrooms, storage and program space critical to our mission.

The building addition will meet current challenges by providing:

  • Private offices and secure spaces for client safety and confidentiality.
  • Additional restroom facilities
  • Expanded storage space for donated items •Additional meeting space for improved coordination with services partners
  • New and secured entries for the improved safety of clients and staff
  • See floor plans and elevation drawings: Doc1, Doc2, Doc3

The Joyce L. Sobel Family Resource Center seeks to raise $479,714 toward the goal of building a 1,560 square foot addition with interior furnishings and much needed safety features. Occupancy is envisioned for Spring 2019.

Help us to help others. Together we will build a stronger community. You may make your donation here, or through the San Juan Island Community Foundation.